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While I am in the kitchen…

The summer has been very busy for me into fall, what with a complete staff overhaul.  Gone are all the familiar faces at Pata Negra.  They are on to greener pastures and I wish them the best.  Things have finally stabilized, and I have been able to sneak out once or twice a week.  Not enough intel for full reviews, but here’s a sneak peak of the work in progress.


What a gorgeous space inside the revamped hotel where the thin crust pizzas are heavenly topped and the people watching is fun too.  So many great choices for wine and excellent apps make for a blockbuster hard to get into Danny Meyer winner.


Montrachet 3.0 is a comfortable restaurant with all the trimmings, with food that is made with finesse and a wine list that is very reasonable.   Octopus terrine is inspirational.  Testa is the best I’ve had in a very long time.  Lamb for two brings it home. Tribeca is back on the map again.


Alphabet City defies the real estate market once again with a small nondescript space on fifth street serving as a canvas some some good cooking, solid technique with Asian inflections.  Don’t miss the chicken liver mousse or deviled eggs.


Jacques Costeau meets mixologist in this two layered den of infused vodkas, bourbons and absinthe concoctions.  Live bands do play downstairs and the joint is transporting.

Dear Irving

Absolutely stylish cocktail lounge on the second floor right smack in the middle of Irving.  Bar is attractive, but back room is time trasnporting, a stark contrast to the bling of the front room.  Drinks are not as exquisite as in some other all pro dens, but overall the experience is way positive.


If it were just for the punches alone, sorrel is so delicious, this rough and hewn bar belies its expertise in cocktails.  Sleeper on ave C.


The wine list at now defunct Manzanilla has been added to an already smartly chosen list which can only marry well with the delicately smoked southern cuisine that is a star here.


Yet another attempt at some authentic tapas falls a bit short in execution.  Tapas look pretty, but are not packed in flavor.


After waiting some time, Rosemary seems to be a resto tailor made for women of all ages with crowd pleasing vegetable dishes and ho hum pastas.  The reasonable wine from $40. and $60. columns offer good value.

Gansevoort Market

Not as cool as Essex Street, but a welcome addition to the waste land b & t meatpacking district.  More grocery stalls are needed ala Essex St., but all in all a good thing.

Bubby’s Meat Packing.

A brunch wasteland with not enough parking for all those baby carriages.

Russ and Daughter’s Cafe

Bagels and cured fish done at a very high level.  A good wine list to boot.


Sandwich shop in Fashion district with good flavor combos.  Price tag may be a tad too high though.

Aldo Sohm Wine Bar

Aldo hits all the right notes in this grand project around the corner from Le Bernardin.  Smart Austrian style tapas and yak cheese serve as a vehicle for the real star, the well chosen wine list.

After a few more visits, full reviews to follow.  Next up, my short jaunt to the lovely food mecca that is Montreal.









By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!