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Ssam Bar Redux

On a recent visit to Degustation, Chef Wesley apprised me of Ssam Bar’s late nite menu  and nibbles.  From Wednesday thru Saturday, Chef David Chang can be spotted creating delectable delights for the industry weary, and lord knows we always need a great late night spot to hang out and nosh in.  You won’t find ramen here, but replace that with warm veal head terrine and spicy honeycombe tripe.   Sounds a bit off the wall?  Then try the fresh Spanish Mackerel Tataki, grilled squid salad or house staple, steamed buns.  There is an homage to artisanal country hams.  I particularly enjoyed Benton’s smoky Mountain from Tennessee.  There are salads with crispy pork jowl and fried cauliflower in fish sauce, so you can see just how out there Chef Chang is willing to go.

The best late night snack is still available (oysters), and there is a fab cheese selection that will make you forget altogether about the bizarre mochi ice cream sampler.  The menu changes quite often, and chefs and their staffs can be spotted near every night.  All this makes for happy times and a tip of the hat to the man with the vision.

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!