Soup’s Ahoy

The original Soupman is now in Harlem, just in time for September breezes and rains. Made popular by that famous Seinfeld episode, the Harlem store is smack dab on 130th street on the wide boulevard known as Lenox Avenue, and has everything the Yemeni is renowned for, minus the attitude.

You can sample many of the soups before you order, and this may only serve to confuse matters even further, as they are all hearty and tasty. There is a sandwich/salad and soup special too, although you’d be better off just sticking with the sublime soups.

Of the revolving choices, there is mushroom barley, turkey chili, seafood gumbo, five bean chili, jambalaya, broccoli and cheese, crab bisque, shrimp bisque, and lobster bisque. The bisques are crafted with just a touch of cream and cost a bit more, but deservedly so. The average meal will run you about ten dollars. There’s even soup to go, at alarming rates, especially for the seafood options, but this may be a better alternative to six foot hero sandwiches for the Sunday football game.

The store has a few tables and resembles a chain, what with the founder’s painted portrait and logo plastered over the rear wall. Delivery is also available if you just can’t bring yourself up to 130th street, but for neighboring Harlem residences only.

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!