The Chef

Bun Bun

Ever since I tasted the pork bun at Momofuku, I’ve been hooked. Homemade steamed bread filled with glorious Berkshire roast pork and scallions. Wouldn’t it be great if hot dog vendors would also sell these mouth watering Chinese street sandwiches?

At Province, a Chinese Canteen located on the corner of Church and Walker, nothing about the décor distracts you from its purpose; devour as many pork sandwiches as Wimpy would a hamburger. And that’s all you can get there. Braised pork, spicy pork, or the killer short rib and kimchi. There is a chicken sandwich, although I can never bring myself to order it.

The fall off the bone pork is wrapped in a mantou, a steamed bread which is a staple in Northern China. Romaine lettuce can be substituted, but this would be a mistake. These pork buns will set you back $3.75, but two rounds out at $7.00, and three at $10.50.

Province gets on the noodle bandwagon with spunky cold sesame noodles adorned with either chicken, roast pork or sweet & spicy tofu. What an absolute treat. I still enjoy the traditional form from old bastions like Mei Lah Wah on Bayard, but the new style is here to stay.

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!