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On a recent Sunday I decided to wake up early for a change with dim sum on my mind.  Ping’s is an obvious choice, but I headed over to Oriental Garden instead, which was different but still delicious (the service here is better than most as well).  Companioned with the Matzoh Ball Queen, we wended our way through Nolita.  The shops in Nolita evoke a similar feeling one used to sense in Soho, before the vast commercialization.  People don’t seem to be in a hurry, and shops genuinely promote artisanal designers and products.  Tucked between two tourist zones (Chinatown and Little Italy), Nolita benefits from relative anonymity in the middle.  The nabe is not high on tourist guides and the community seems to be sticking its slow developing guns.  Once the Bowery finally rids itself of the kitchen supply stores, the transformation will take shape.

Due to a tilt in the heat index, we stopped in for beers at Loreley which has a backdoor garden and a jazz brunch in progress.    The timing was right for a sweet craving, and as providence would have it, curiousity led us to Papabubble.  At first, you don’t know what the store actually specializes in.  You just get the impression something artistic and sweet is being created within.  Papabubble is Quechee meets Willy Wonka.  This eurocandy company (Barcelona) crafts whimsical candy with unusual flavor combinations, and often perform the process right before your eyes.  This joyful experience for adults and children brings true delight to the savoring of the candies.  They can cleverly custom inscribe for special occasions (at a cost).  Think gifts for anyone artfully minded and treat yourself for the rest of the week too.

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!