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Cafe Abraco

What do you get when you cross a full-sized kitchen, an Italian masterpiece called La Marzocco, and barely ten square feet of standing room only space for its customers? Add a triumvirate of owners who know what they’re doing, and you’ll find yourself standing out on the street too. I never could understand all those lines at Café Magnolia for those cupcakes or even waiting twenty minutes for a Shake Shack frozen custard, but at Café Abraco, one cup of espresso will cause you to look around for a witness. Order java from Jamie, who churns up some of the most delicious coffee creations enough to give Joe’s Espresso a run for its money. Add a delicious olive oil cake and creative afternoon inventions such as panini and Spanish influenced fare and you’ve got a spot you wish you had on your block.

This is serious café done San Francisco style, and this will become an East Village hang-out to stay. There are different treats depending on the time of day, which is great for pleasant surprises. I’m always there when Jamie is at the helm, and his hospitality is key.

Viva café! Viva East Village Culinary Revolution!

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!