Drinking The Chef Wine

Rose Time

The weather seems to be holding up, although I do expect some type of April snow shower.

Time to drink rose, and Spain puts out some beauties.  Whether it be garnacha, tempranillo, or obscure grapes like prieto picudo or bobal, there is a Spanish rosado that will fit your tastes and budget.  Many are done in stainless steel vats, meant to be consumed while young and fresh within six months to one year, and some actually mature and get better with time.  Take the 1998 Lopez de Heredia gran reserva, ten years later and not even at peak yet.  The 2009 vintage of Muga is drinking very well, even more expressive than the 2008.  From Toro, I like the clean direct nature of Estancia Piedra Azul.  Look to Rioja’s little sister, Navarra for garnacha, perfect for a pink sangria by the way, Senorio and Artazu leading the way there.   My favorite so far is the Ameztoi txakoli rosado, a serious rose with some effervescence, a well structured wine which will provide maximum pleasure.  Some of these are being offered at Pata Negra, so come down for a glass!

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!