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Unlike Starbuck’s, there are some chains that never make it from the West Coast to the East Coast. The effect Starbuck’s has had on the coffee emergency NYC used to suffer from is palatable, the verdict of its ubiquitous logo, I leave up to you.

I heard so much about In-n-Out, I actually almost forgot to give her a whirl. As a hole in the schedule and my nearly empty belly would have it, there it was, on my way to Half Moon Bay.

The operation was efficient and massive. Burgers were getting produced by some unknown quota. You place your order, pay, get a receipt, wait and consume. The burger was quite tasty. The fries were weak. I had a strawberry shake, not the greatest, but hit the spot. All in all I was happy. I hear there is a secret menu. Something about the 3X3 or the 4X4. All this you can look up on the website.

Back home in NYC I admit I am craving an In-n-Out burger. Maybe we could trade them for White Castle?

By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!