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Fit to Fat to Fit

On Tuesday, February 23rd, A & E network will be broadcasting a reality fitness show, “Fit to Fat to Fit“, that I participated in for four months in 2015.

As a food and wine professional, I find it difficult to schedule time for regular exercise.  I work evenings, and often the demands of running my own business superceded any ideas of fitness.  Couple that to unlimited access to food and wine, and you have a recipe for disaster.

I have always struggled with my weight, but have managed to keep myself in decent shape through martial arts.  But it is hard to train at the dojo when the schedule doesn’t coincide, and the joints hurt, especially due to obesity.   My love of food and wine and the pursuit of all things delicious was never kept in check.  The result was 316 pounds and an inability to dig out of a huge hole.  Add the number 45 (age)to the equation, and I just couldn’t turn on the weight loss like I had during the glory days of training for past judo tournaments.

“Fit to Fat to Fit” provided me with a trainer, a gym, and other resources to help me get in shape.  The most important factor was my trainer Katie Mack, who reprogrammed me so that I could live a lifestyle that worked for me after the show concluded.  She was my information, inspiration and motivation.

In the show she gains weight to be empathetic towards her client (me).  We struggled through life’s challenges and lost the weight together.  But what inspired me most was the connection we made and the bond we formed.  She cared about me and I cared about her.  The weight loss was just a byproduct of hard work, dedication and our relationship.

The most important ingredient is caring.  Caring about yourself, first and foremost, and caring about being alive and healthy for others.  In my case,  my brother, mother, family, friends, and my fiance (Michelle is 15 years younger) were the reasons I stuck to it.

I will continue the dialogue about my journey, and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Tune in Tuesday night, and drop me a line, or stop into Pata Negra so we can toast.

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By Chef Mateo

Just a man in pursuit of all things delicious. Eat and Drink life!

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Hey, it’s Anthony from Judo– I’m considering suing you for plagiarizing my essensce!! That was my story right down to the Gout!! All kidding aside –I was channel surfing last night and low and behold I came across you on A& E! If I had access to that Jamon and wine I’d be 400lbs right now. Admired you discipline– would have fled program at the very suggestion of having to give up Bacon. You looked great at the end Bud. Have got to get to your Resturant!!

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