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Inaugural Post

Welcome to Chef Mateo’s Blog. My motto is simple: Eat and Drink Life.

This is a new blog about food and wine, pleasure and taste, restaurants and recipes, vintages and pairings, cheeses, travel, and trends in the life of a food and wine enthusiast.

Although the blog will primarily be used as a method to discuss food and wine ideas, the opinions and discussion will reflect my thoughts and experiences, as well as my friends, loving called the Grand Crew.

My eating and drinking companions are invaluable in that they help me to formulate my own opinions even if it contradicts members of the group. What we do agree upon is lifestyle, the lifestyle of those who seek to enjoy and enhance their lives through food and wine. We plan, meet, talk, eat and drink. Above all, we laugh, especially after giving food and wine its due.

I hope this blog will invite discussion and vicarious enjoyment too. I can’t promise to answer every question or respond to each comment, but I savor the chance to read your comments and concerns.

As a chef/teacher I maintain a website where you can explore the pleasures of Caribbean cuisine, restaurant reviews, and wine tastings. I hope you enjoy your visit there weekly.

Remember, man gotta eat, woman too.


First Post

This is the first post on Chef Mateo’s blog.
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