Arriba! Arriba!

In response to the tequila craze this week, I recently took my friend Billy out to drink a proper tequila. He invited a lady friend, and as there was some sexual tension, I broke the ice by ordering a tequila shot and then teaching them how to perform a body shot. Once applied, you know exactly where you stand for the night, and can plan accordingly.

If this is too racy for your blood, then try it the way most Mexicans take it, a blanco with a chase of sangrita. Premium white tequilas are 100% percent blue agave and have not been aged in oak barrels. They display more of the terroir in tequila, thus expressing its original intent. The sangrita recipes vary, but its components resemble that of a Bloody Mary mix.

The Body Shot is performed as follows:

Rub lime on partner’s neck.

Pour salt on the same spot.

Place lime in partner’s mouth.

Take ½ shot.

Lick the neck.

Take other ½ shot.

Kiss for the lime.

Any other variations should be performed only if you are really friendly with your partner(s).


2 cups tomato juice

1 cup orange juice

2 oz. lime juice

2 tsps. Tabasco sauce

1 tsp minced yellow onion

2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce

pinch white pepper

Celery salt to taste

Blend all ingredients in large pitcher and chill for three hours before serving.

Some recommended blanco tequilas

El Tesoro






Cabo Wabo

By Chef Mateo

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